USU Netbook Features[:]

Comfortable even on a small screen
Whether you are using netbook, nettop or another system with a smaller screen, you will find that thanks to the optimized interface you can do all your usual tasks. Installed software:

  • Maximus
  • Window Applets
Find your application quickly
It is important to quickly find the necessary program among others. When the screen space is limited it is even more important. For that reason USU netbook includes a handy system menu with integrated applications and places categories that fits good on the screen. It has built-in search among applications, places and web results through Google. Installed software:

  • Cardapio menu applet
Your camera’s best friend
Install USU Netbook on your netbook to make it an extension of your digital camera. USU Netbook comes with GIMP Image Editor with a special designed micro theme and interface. Installed software:

  • GIMP with micro theme
  • Gnome Paint
  • Simple scan
  • Photo viewer
Ultramobile office
There is no need to tote a heavy notebook on every business meeting – a small netbook is sufficient. USU Netbook provides word processing and spreadsheet applications. They have a familiar interface and provided support for most popular office file formats, including those of Microsoft Word and Excel. Installed software:

  • Text processing (AbiWord)
  • Spreadsheet (Gnumeric)


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