USU Desktop Features

Incomparable educational opportunities
USU can be your perfect learning tool, no matter whether you are a child, a student or a teacher. There are a few dozens of preinstalled quality educational applications, grouped by field of knowledge and covering the whole educational process. Many more applications are just one click away. And being completely free for use or share, USU can be used at home or at school without any costs and complex licensing agreements. Installed software:

  • Celestia space simulator
  • Marble virtual globe
  • Fritzing electronics design
  • Gobby collaborative text editor
  • Kalgebra mathematical calculator
  • MuseScore music score typesetter
  • Kompozer web authoring system
  • TuxPaint interactive paint program
  • Step interactive physics simulator
  • Kalzium periodic table of elements
  • Blender 3D content creation suite
  • LibreCAD 2D-CAD application
  • … and many more educational applications
Conquer your office
It includes all the office tools from USU Mini, USU Linux sports some really nice additions. Now you can create your own business card, manage complex projects, work with databases, connect to your mobile phone’s address book and many more. Installed software:

  • LibreOffice
  • Thunderbird Mail
  • Dictionary
  • Dates, Task & Contacts
  • HomeBank accounting software
  • OpenProj project management
  • …and more
Dive into the Internet
Sometimes web browsing or communicating with friends on-line is not enough, especially if you want to share content. You can do it in various ways -BitTorrent client, DC++ Client or by uploading to ftp servers with FTP client. Being informed is also very important. You can subscribe to web feeds with desktop news aggregator, which looks for news and conveniently informs you when something new pop-ups. Installed software:

  • Firefox web browser
  • Pidgin IM client
  • BitTorrent client
  • Linux DC++ Client
  • FileZilla FTP client
  • Desktop news aggregator
  • …and more
One multimedia system to rule them all
If you are looking for more than just a good multimedia experience, then you have found it. On top of the USU Mini’s already great capabilities, USU Linux brings to the table a good number of quality multimedia software. You have many choices: to easily create movies; to convert media in appropriate format for your mobile device or for uploading on Internet; to make a screen cast by recording your own desktop. Installed software:

  • Clementine music player and organizer
  • VLC media player
  • Kdenlive video editor
  • Desktop session recorder
  • Subtitle Editor
  • Webcam recorder
  • Quick multimedia converter
  • … and more
Gorgeous collection of graphic software
You can hardly find a graphic oriented task on USU Linux that is not out of the box: to edit and create raster images; to create professional designs for electronic or traditional publishing with page layout software; to make stunning vector art; to organize your digital memories in large collections with photo manager; to stitch your photos in beautiful panoramas with panorama creator; to choose the most appropriate colors for your web site or for your home with colorcheme designer; to process hundreds of image at time with photo batch processor. Installed software:

  • GIMP image editor
  • KolourPaint
  • Scribus desktop publisher
  • Inkscape vector graphics editor
  • digiKam photo manager
  • Phatch photo batch processor
  • Hugin panorama image creator
  • Dia diagrams editor
  • Colorscheme designer
  • … and more
Time for game
Using a computer is not only for getting the work done, it can be fun too. You will find a nice selection of ready to be played games – from mines and solitaire games, through more challenging game like sudoku, to pure fun with arcade and turn based strategy games. And games can be the perfect educational tool for every little kid. To demonstrate this USU Linux comes with four excellent educational games: mathematics and a typing tutor games for preschool children; a chemistry puzzle game and GCompris educational games suite for children aged 2 to 10. Additionally, there are literally hundreds of games ready to be installed with ease from the package manager. Installed software:

  • Solitaire collection
  • Sudoku
  • Mines
  • Mahjong
  • Tetris-like game
  • TuxMath mathematics game
  • TyxType typing game
  • GCompris educational games suite
  • КAtomic chemistry game
  • Hedgewars turn based strategy game
  • Frozen-Bubble arcade game


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