How to contribute?[:]

If you find this project useful, you may be willing to help us.

In order to offer a completed free platform to the users we need your support. So your help is always appreciated.

If you like together with us to try to make USU even better, here are some hints:

  1. Use USU
  2. Spread the news
  3. Suggest a new programs
  4. Write manuals
  5. Willing to support us financially


While using USU you can look for bugs. If you find such – inform us, and together with you we will think about possible solution;

Spread the news

Tell about USU to your relatives, classmates, friends, colleagues, and encourage them to try it out;

Suggest a new program

You can suggest a new free software or if you are a developer – you can create such software for USU. Even the most smallest application can be very useful, when it solves some difficult problem. We will appreciate every single suggestion!

Write manuals

If writing is your passion or you have come upon free manuals/articles, please do not hesitate to contact us! These materials should be preferably in Bulgarian, and applicable for USU/Ubuntu.

Willing to support us financially

If you believe in the advantages of free software and you have a relevant financial resource – please give us financial support! Although USU completely free, we put in it a huge amount of our time and efforts. Your resources will be of great help for better popularization, development and support of this project.

Use the Contact form page to get in touch with us.[:]

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