About Us

Svetoslav Stefanov
I am working with computers for over 12 years. I am currently working as System Administrator for a large company.

My first contact with Linux and free software was somewhere around 2000-2001 and I was immediately attracted to it.

I believe that free software is an expression of the human desire to share  something good with the rest of the community.

A big part of my time is committed to advocating the use of free  software.

With regard to the USU I am committed primarily to look-out  for new software, writing manuals,  desktop tweaking, translations and the overall assembly of the disc. In 2008 I  have created the first version of USU.Nickname: svetli

Krasimir Stefanov
I can easily say, that I wrote my first lines of code in the 6th grade 🙂 After a while, in 1999 I bought my first PC, and then all started…

I work as a WEB Developer – PHP, AJAX, CSS etc. Of course, I use only free software in my work.

In my spare time I do all kinds of programming, not just for WEB – it’s only a small part.

Mostly in Python and GTK.

In USU I am committed to the development and maintenance of everything related to some form of “programming”, as wll as it’s site, and the “Free Culture and Free Software” site. The Forums too.

I do some of the artwork-related stuff in USU – desktop backgrounds and real-life theme testing.

I think that free software is the future.Nickname: lokster


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